The Gospel (literally ‘good news’) of Jesus Christ is the centre of our identity as Christians.

The Gospel describes how we are brought into and sustained in a relationship with God and the way by which the Father, Son and Holy Spirit transform both our fallen world and our fallen selves. We therefore teach and promote what the Bible says about the Gospel.

The Gospel is also corporate and social. It grows churches and so informs Centre Church’s Values. It shows us our primary relationship to God and the significance of WORSHIP and alongside this sustains the deep transformative relationships of our LIFE TOGETHER as the church. The Gospel shows us the incredible GENEROSITY of Christ and therefore calls us to be generous. We therefore seek others to join such an incredible life together in MISSION.

We joyfully serve and LOVE OUR CITY. Recognising how much we have forgiven we seek RECONCILIATION with others longing for enemies and strangers to become friends and, we pray, brothers and sisters in Christ.